Xinye Qiu (Ann)

● RMT Massage therapist
● ARNA Registered Nutritionist
● Registered Aesthetician
Hi, I am RMT Xinye Qiu(Ann) graduated from CITCM Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Massage college, licensed and positively-rated massage therapist with a highly diverse skill set. I specializing in using the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in my treatment. Each treatment with me is customized to your needs and wants with my holistic approach. Orthopedic and therapeutic focused, western and eastern integrated modalities. I would like to treat my patient’s pain as my own. With a strong belief and passion for massage therapy.

My health mission:

Use a variety of techniques (massage or nutrition therapy) to support you through concerns like all kinds of chronic pain /chronic injury and stress related to day-to-day living, sport, accident and illness. To support prenatal and pediatric care. Such as migraine, hand and foot pain and back pain, period pain, leg sore and back pain during prenatal period etc and help you have healthy skin, body and mind with natural beauty treatments and medical beauty treatments.

Health Care as You Deserve It

Healthcare Massage, Medical Aesthetics and Nutrition offers holistic health care. Our vision is to provide you with personalized professional services, specific to your problems to provide relevant services, such as through targeted natural therapy to help you relieve stress, sports or non-sports caused by all kinds of chronic pain, a variety of chronic injuries. Combine medical cosmetology and nutrition to bring you natural health and beauty.



TCM Esthetics and Medical Aesthetics


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After my weekly hockey game, I will book a session with Ann to revive my sore muscles. She knows the spot that can help player like me. I truly thank Ann, so I can continue my favorite sport despite my age.  Thank you!

Madison K.

Thank you Ann for helping me with my back pain from accident. She also taught me a lot about healthy living. While massage can help me relief from the pain, but a healthy diet can help me reduce occurrence the problems. She offer professional nutrition advice and help me to have a happy life.

Shirley P.

Ann is a very experience massage therapist. Compare to other therapist, I like how her combine with Traditional Chinese Medicine to help me rejuvenate to my optimal state. Her careful and thoughtful suggestion is the reason why I always come back. 

McLeod M.S. 

After stress from work and life, Ann always help me rehabilitate to life. Her knowledge of different massage therapies helped me back to shape. She is very experienced and know what I really need. If you want a therapist who is thoughtful and care for your health, talk to Ann! 

Penny C.

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